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I suppose this is the place on my webpage where I should tell you a little bit about myself. That way you can read it if you would like to... before you venture further on into my website. I love art, making graphics, listening to music of all different kinds, watching movies, staying up late, enjoying the night sky full of sparkling shiny stars, the moon with its beams of light glowing down upon our earth, and of course... sleeping in late the next day. I was born and raised in Omaha-Nebraska, have travelled as far away from home to Okinawa-Japan where I lived for three years, and back again to the U.S. where I am now living in Burleson, Texas. I have always loved the holidays, as far back as I can remember from when I was a child. Most of my website right now is going to be dedicated to the holidays and the things that I like the very most. I hope that you will enjoy your visit while you are here.

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